Winter Storm Resources

Alan Rubin, Linda Kornfeld, and John E. Heintz

In the wake of two major winter storms and continuing frigid temperatures across much of the Lower 48, states of emergency have been declared for Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, and state governments across the southeast United States are operating under their own emergency declarations.

These events are forcing evacuations to emergency shelters, and first responders are overwhelmed across several states. The storms’ impacts will be widespread in the days and weeks to come, including challenges involving property damage, business interruption, and travel disruption for a large part of the country.

As power is restored, it will be important to contact the Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) and other state and local resources for assistance. In Texas, experts say the storms that left millions without power and water this week are expected to generate the most insurance claims stemming from a single event in state history.

Blank Rome’s interdisciplinary Severe Weather Emergency Recovery Team (“SWERT”) has developed the following resources for those affected by the storms, or with business interests in the affected regions, which we encourage you to share with your contacts via e-mail and/or social media:

Please share this information with anyone who has been impacted by the storms. These resources and many more can be found at our website at Our team stands ready to provide assistance on FEMA and insurance issues to individuals and businesses who are preparing for, or are impacted by, these events.

For additional information, please contact:

Alan Rubin, Principal, Blank Rome Government Relations
Linda Kornfeld, Partner and Vice Chair, Insurance Recovery Practice
John E. Heintz, Partner, Insurance Recovery Practice

Pursuing Insurance Recovery in the Aftermath of Winter Storm Damage

Mary M. Gardner

frozen_pipe_shutterstock_126873920In the last month, businesses and individuals throughout the United States were impacted by winter storms battering the East Coast, Midwest, Mountain, and Southern United States. From a declared state of emergency in Georgia to week-long public service and government closures in Boston, these storms disrupted businesses across the country. In the aftermath, it is important that businesses understand the extent of their applicable insurance coverage and provide insurers with prompt and detailed notices of any losses. Continue reading “Pursuing Insurance Recovery in the Aftermath of Winter Storm Damage”